How To Listen To Your Intuition and Tell True Intuition

People get confused with intuition, what it really is, and how to listen to your intuition. They wonder how to tell true intuition from other stuff… So many people have stopped listening to their intuition for so long that they don’t remember what it is and how to listen to their intuition. They’ve been disconnected from it for so long they couldn’t decipher it from everything else going on in their head and feelings.


So how do you tell what a true intuitive hit is?



If its not truth it feels like a lie. It may feel wishy washy or a little off and that’s how you know it isn’t truth. If you’ve ever lied, you know what it feels like and you can tell.

When you think or feel something, and you think it’s intuition, if it feels like a lie its probably something else and not intuition, maybe a thought you’re telling yourself to make yourself feel better, wishful thinking etc.

But true intuition feels like truth. Simple.


This little snippet about how to listen to your intuition and tell true intuition was something I heard from a radio interview with intuitive counselor Collette Baron-Reid, who I find that much of what she says sounds like truth to me. This was very clarifying of how to tell true intuition from everything else.

Here’s a link to her site. She might have more info on what true intuition is.

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