Alkaline Bath to Remove Acids & Toxins, Bath like a Baby. Dr. Jentschura Part 4

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Dr. Jentschura has several suggestions for people to prevent excess acidity and remove toxins including the less well known Alkaline Bathing like a baby.


You can get AlkaBath in the UK here and Canada here

1. Alkaline Bath: Bathe like a Baby. This is one of the most unique ideas presented by Dr. Jentschura. The concept is that a baby baths in the amniotic fluid of the mother for 9 months, which has a pH of 8.5 and all of the elimination of toxins happens through the skin. The baby does not eliminate like an adult does.

Dr. Jentschura created AlkaBath, a substance that when added to bathwater brings the pH to 8.5 and simulates amniotic fluid. It contains 8 ground precious stones, minerals, sea salts and baking soda. Long alkaline diffusion baths (min 30 minutes) from 2 hours to 6 hours have proven especially effective.

The gland rich soles of the feet can eliminate many end products of metabolism, acids and toxins as demonstrated by sweaty feet. The lower leg, palm of the hand, hollow of the knee, the lower arm and armpit are intensive sweaty regions that can be used to effectively flush out acids and toxins in the bath. These baths should be done several times a week for a min 6 months as the body does not accumulate acids and toxins overnight, nor does it eliminate them in one bath.

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2. Eat 80% alkaline generating foods and 20% acid generating. Alkaline generating foods are fruits and vegetables. You can also consume the mineral rich omni-molecular supplement called Wurzelkraft by Dr. Jentschura which contains nano-sized plant derived nutrients easily used by the body. Ensure that our bodies mineral reserves are full with omni-molecular foods like vegetables and this supplement. Avoid eating too much acid generating food such as meats and coffee.

3. Reduce stress and do things that bring you joy. Balance stress with progressive relaxation techniques like visualization, a good walk, reading a book, meditation, yoga, stretching or tai chi.

4. Drink at least 1 litre of non-carbonated water a day and detoxify with detox tea 7×7 AlkaHerb by Dr. Jentschura. This tea breaks up the water and fat from the toxin or acid in the neutral salt states and re-activates the toxin so it can be eliminated by the body.

According to Dr. Jentschura, make sure NOT to buy dead sea salts (for bathing) as these are actually acidic and Dr. Jentschura says these actually force acids back into the body.

Alkaline Bathing Alkalina Living How To Infographic

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