Benefits of Watermelon Juice (with Rind) and Recipe

There are some surprising benefits of watermelon juice for health, especially when used for fresh juicing and made with the rind. It is a great alternative for juicing if you’re getting sick of only vegetable juices.

The first time I tried watermelon juice (with the rind) I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and actually craved it afterward.

When you’re juicing for health the key to watermelon juice benefits is to remove some of the pink flesh and juice the whole rind including the white and green part so that it doesn’t have such a high glycemic index. This will ensure it won’t spike your blood sugar as much. Most of the beneficial compounds and nutrition is in the rind. Keep in mind, too much rind can be hard to digest and give people an upset stomach.

Benefits of Juicing The Rind

-the Watermelon Rind contains citrulline a very beneficial compound that has anti-oxidant effects. Citrulline converts to the amino acid arginine which helps remove ammonia from the body, it is suspected by researchers that it relaxes blood vessels

-watermelons are rich in lycopene, beta carotene and vitamin C and the lycopene in watermelons does not need to be cooked unlike with tomatoes to be absorbed. Watermelons also contain twice as much lycopene as tomatoes

-can act as a source of hydration and a diuretic

Benefits of watermelon juice, Benefits Watermelon Juice Rind

Watermelon Juice Benefits with Rind

Something you may not know about Watermelon

-in Chinese medicine it is considered to have a strong cooling (yin) effect, benefiting dehydration and fever

Conditions That May Benefit From Watermelon and Rind

-acne and skin disorders

-digestive tonic

-bladder and kidney problems, partly due to potassium in watermelon

-may help lower blood pressure

-dehydration (over 90% water)

-the antioxidants including lycopene can help protect against various types of cancer including breast, prostate, uterine, lung and colorectal cancer

Someone mentioned that the juice won’t spike your blood sugar as much when you juice the rind… although this is unconfirmed.

Watermelon Juice Recipe


-1/4 watermelon

-5-10 mint leaves

-1 juicer or a blender and coffee filter

Wash and scrub the watermelon well to remove any pesticides, dirt, germs etc. on the outside of the rind. You can use soap as long as you can rinse it off well enough.

Slice the watermelon so that you have 1/4 to juice (including the rind).

Slice the rind and watermelon flesh into 1 inch cubes and separate the rind and flesh chunks into two bowls.

Start by adding a few pieces of pink flesh first, when adding the green rind do it one rind chunk at a time (the more rind you add the greener/brown the drink will be).

If you have a juicer go ahead and juice the watermelon and mint leaves. Add ice.

If you have a blender blend the watermelon and mint. Filter the smoothie through the coffee filter. Add ice.

~Serve with ice or chilled~

Benefits Watermelon Juice, Juicing the Rind

Enjoy the health benefits of watermelon juice. It’s a refreshing alternative to consuming a lot of vegetable juice if you want to mix it up. Mix in the rind and enjoy anti-oxidants such as lycopene, the benefits of citrulline and have a delicious re-hydrating drink.

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