Abraham Hicks – Go General Statements

Abraham Hicks Go General Statements

I don’t have to figure this out right now

I don’t have to be all things to all people

I am where I am and I want to feel good

I’m just going to ride this out

This [negative thing] is going to leave the same way it came

Things are not that bad, they’ve been worse

Things are not as bad for me as they could be

I have a temporary condition

Nothing is always one way or another

I don’t have to work so hard at this

There is no rush

This too shall pass

I can make peace with this situation

Things are actually really ok

It’s already happened its just a matter of time

I feel [……….] (Abraham says using the words I feel is the start of going general since the feeling is more general than the specific thought)

I like being here in this body

I haven’t found it yet but I will

I am coming to understand law of attraction

I’m looking forward to feeling more certain that I’m on the right track

I’m looking forward to knowing I’m going to get what I want

I haven’t really known what I was doing before so none of that counts and now that I do know I’m expecting faster results

I so love well-being

I like this sensation of moving with the river

abraham hicks go general statements

Abraham Hicks Go General Statements to help go general, go with the flow and turn downstream.

Right on track

Things are always working out for me

I like learning

I’m getting better at this every day

I’m allowing wellness

I’m having a good time with this

I can figure it out as I go

My guidance system is active and alive within me

My inner being knows who I am and what I want

Abraham Hicks Go General Statements

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