When Do You Allow Creative Thought During Meditation, Abraham Hicks

Meditation is the process of quieting your mind in order to raise your vibration. The only thing that holds you in a lower vibration is thinking resistant thoughts. When you meditate, you release resistant thoughts and your vibration rises. But it can get very boring to try living without thinking any thoughts. Which raises the question for those of us who don’t want to go the rest of our lives without thinking, but still want to live in a state of non-resistance. How do you get some high vibration thoughts going, that are in alignment with who you really are? This question was address by Abraham-Hicks on a recent workshop.

When do you allow creative thinking during meditation? This video by Abraham Hicks addresses just that! Around the 5 minute mark they talk about how to meditate, and then “let your mind go wild with thoughts inside the vortex” or thoughts from that good feeling place you get to in your meditation. Once you are solid in that space of non-resistance then conscious, aligned thought can flow. As they say in their Getting into the Vortex CD, a meditation guide, they speak of how we are creators, and the mind is meant to consciously create. So when you stop thought a lot, there may be a sort of rebellion where the mind wants to do its job and create with conscious thought. They explain how to allow aligned thought to flow! How to train your thoughts so they match that high vibrational state.

Meditating doesn’t have to always be this space of no thought. You can use that tool of releasing thought to improve the way you feel. Once you get good at reaching that space of peace, appreciation and good feeling, then you can allow thoughts to flow and according to this, it can be very active, yet pure and non-resistant. Listen to this and hopefully it will sort out for you when to allow conscious, creative thought during meditation.

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