What Helps You Fall Asleep Fast (Natural Help To Sleep Better)

There’s many different options to try. They include

  • -natural herbal remedies
  • -sleep hygiene
  • -dawn and dusk simulators
  • -supplements containing natural tryptophan (more info below)

A good option for a herbal remedy is  Sleep Tonic, an all-natural herbal remedy which helps the body relax for healthy sleep.

Other options to look into, get informed.

According to the book No More Sleepless Nights, what happens when people start to have trouble falling asleep and sleep poorly is they start going to bed earlier or they stay in bed longer in the morning. This is to try and fall asleep earlier and feel more rested in the morning. Unfortunately this has the completely opposite effect of what they’re hoping to do! So what helps you fall asleep fast? It’s not a quick fix but is pretty easy and has pretty great long term benefits to sleep!

Addressing the sleep percentage

Going to bed earlier and spending more time in bed actually makes it harder for you to fall asleep. A lot of people with difficulty falling asleep spend way to long in bed: since they don’t fall asleep until the early morning hours once they do they want to stay in bed longer. Being in bed for longer than you’re sleeping actually makes sleep shallower. The way the doctors who wrote No More Sleepless Nights address this is to talk about something called sleeping percentage and to help their patients fall asleep they start them on a sleep hygiene program which is very counter-intuitive but highly effective and very different than what most people who have a hard time falling asleep have heard! What helps you fall asleep fast is working with your body’s natural rhythms and starting a sleep hygiene program.






Sleep hygiene

The first thing to do is to decrease you’re time in bed. You’d keep a sleep journal keeping track of the number of hours in bed and the hours spent sleeping. Say you’re spending 9 hours in bed (from 11pm to 8am) but only sleeping 5 hours in there. That means you’re spending 4 hours awake in bed. That makes 5/9=55% sleep percentage, which is what will result in poor sleep and difficulty falling asleep. So what the authors would do is decrease the time in bed to 6 hours or so. The catch with this is that you have to take the time off from the morning. If you just go to bed later it doesn’t work as well. Then you set a wake up time (say 6 am) and stick to it consistently no matter what (including the weekends). It takes doing this for a few days or weeks before things start to improve but once they do the wake up time can be moved later while maintaining sleep quality and ease in falling asleep.

The program really works when stuck to. This clinic has worked with people that nothing else has helped their sleeping problems and found the majority of their patients improve dramatically or were completely cured. By the time people have followed this for a few days or weeks they go to bed and fall asleep almost instantly. It’s what helps you fall asleep fast and sleep well throughout the night.


For a gentler wake-up try a dawn simulator

Waking up earlier is brutal for someone who is un-rested or not falling asleep easily. There are dawn simulator alarm clocks which will make the process much more comfortable and the wake up much gentler. They allow the sleeper to feel more rested and don’t jar them awake like typical alarm clocks. The clocks have a light that come on slowly and over a period of time (15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes) gradually wakes a person up. Some of these clocks, such as the Phillips Wake-Up Light Plus also have dusk simulators that can be used in the evening to help a person fall asleep more easily. The light gradually dims and this triggers a person’s release of melatonin to assist with falling asleep.

What happens during the sleep hygiene program

The first thing that starts to happen to people as they do this is that their sleep starts to get deeper. The number of times they wake up during the night starts to decrease until they sleep right through the night. The first few days they may not notice anything and actually feel really rotten and want to quite, but within a few days or so they’ll start to fall asleep much more quickly when they’re going to bed. The sleep once they do sleep is much deeper a well. Once this happens a lot of people want to start staying in bed longer in the morning since it feels so good to keep getting such good sleep but it’s important to continue with the sleep hygiene program.

Once they’re sleeping something like 90% of the time they’re in bed then they can go to bed at the same time but extend their morning time by 15 minutes and try it out for a few days. As long as their sleep remains good they can extend it again by 15 minutes. The key to success long term and always having an easy time falling asleep is to never get to the point where you’re spending longer in bed than you’re sleeping, say 85% sleep percentage. Otherwise poor sleep patterns can return.

There is much more great information in the book including the different types of sleep problems people may have such as difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night, waking up and not being able to fall asleep again etc. It’s a great book for anyone who want to improve their sleep quality.


Other things that can be done to help people fall asleep

When following the sleep program, one of the biggest aids to falling asleep and waking up with more ease is a dawn simulator alarm clock. In addition to this a supplement with natural tryptophan can help. A good one is called ZenBev and contains natural tryptophan from pumpkin seeds, it’s a drink that can be taken before bed. Although a bit pricey for long term use, it could be a great asset to someone starting out a sleep hygiene program.

For people who want to know more about what helps you fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply take a look at No More Sleepless Nights or dawn simulator alarm clocks. Following this kind of sleep hygiene program is a natural way to help you sleep better.

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  1. Yeah I have found that the best way to fall asleep is take some melatonin and stay up until you are VERY tired. Don’t lay down until you feel like you can actually fall asleep!

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