Review Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock (Philips Wake-up Light)

I’ve used the used the Phillips Dawn Simulator alarm clock for several months and have enjoyed it very much, I suspect it could help lot of people so this is a review of my experience. Read it and decide for yourself but I kind of wonder why anyone would put themselves through waking up with a regular alarm clock when there are much better options available.

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    Current Model

    Current Model Philips Wake Up Light

What made me look into dawn simulator alarm clocks

I have a hard time getting up in the morning if it’s earlier than 8 or 9am and I find alarm clocks harsh. Awhile back I worked at a position where I had to get up at 5:45am. I really wasn’t looking forward to the getting up part and I knew if I wouldn’t be keeping the job if every morning felt that rough. Surely there had to be something that could help me!

Phillips Dawn Simulator Wake Up Light

My experience with the typical alarm clock
Who invented these things? Really. Your experience maybe similar. When I’d get up with a regular alarm clock, it would wake me up before I’d get up naturally and I’d feel kind of raw and raged. I’d feel unrested and like I needed more sleep. I’d drag myself around force myself to get up and go feeling much more irritable than normal. It had a negative effect on my whole morning. Sometimes it would carry through the whole day.

Sound familiar?

Choosing a dawn simulator lamp

Phillips Wake-Up Light Dawn simulator

Old Model which I used

After some investigating I chose the Phillips Wake Up Light Plus because of three factors. First I wanted to be able to adjust the length of time it would take for the lamp to become full light. The Phillips light offered to change the time that it gradually goes from dark to full light from 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Secondly I wanted to have a backup sound come on if I for some reason didn’t wake up, fell asleep again or had a pillow over my head and the light couldn’t reach my eyes. The Phillips offered some gentle sounds such as birds chirping, cows moo-ing, the radio or music that comes on once the light is at full strength. If it had a buzzer that would still defeat the purpose since it would be unpleasant. Finally the Phillips was one of the more affordable lamps that still looked like excellent quality and that would look attractive on a bedside table.

The first morning I used the Phillips Light, the light came on and I woke naturally about 10 minutes before the sound was to kick in. I noticed the light coming from the side and softly lighting up the room. It felt much more comfortable and easier to get up since I felt like I had gotten a deep sleep and it was time to get up with the sense of “well now I’m up so I might as well get out of bed”.I felt peaceful and like I could continue my day well-rested.

Did I ever sleep through the dawn simulator?
No. One of my primary concerns was whether the Phillips Dawn Simulator alarm clock was enough to wake me up and get me out of bed. In three months I never slept through it or failed to get up. However I don’t know if that would be the same for everyone, especially if they’re a really heavy sleeper. Usually I wake up before the sounds but when I didn’t and the sounds would come on, I’d get up and push a small button (there’s no snooze to hit). The sounds aren’t aggravating but just annoying enough you want to get up and turn them off.

How it affected the rest of the day
Things felt smoother and there was a kind of flow waking up naturally with the dawn simulator. Since it felt natural to get up and I felt rested, II was less susceptible to the little (or not so little) things around me that could otherwise make it a bad day. There’s something to the saying about starting the day on the right foot. It really carries through the whole day.

Alert for the morning drive
I also felt more alert to drive to work. It was dark outside (the sun wasn’t up yet) but it seemed more like I had just gone in a darker building from the sun outside rather than it still being nighttime. I had just gotten a bit of sunlight (with my dawn simulator) so I had no problems making the drive.

How it affected my mood in the winter
I couldn’t really tell if it was the use of the Dawn Simulator or that I was regularly using a far infrared sauna but I didn’t notice winter as much this year, other than the occasional frostbite my mood didn’t seem lower from the cold and lack of light.

Overall I really like the Phillips Dawn Simulator alarm clock and I will definitely never go back. It seems like an essential for people who take pride in and want to support their health and well-being. It has a fantastic effect on mood with a greater effect than a lot of supplements I’ve tried.
Phillips Dawn Simulator Wake Up Light

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