When The Law Of Attraction Works Really Well… Allowing Money To Flow In Unusual Ways 2004 Abraham Hicks

When the law of attraction works really well…. This woman’s story about how she allowed money ($30, 000 to be exact!) to flow to her in unusual ways is just delightful. Listen to this wonderful story and hopefully it will remind you of some of the magical experiences you’ve had. Perhaps you imagined yourself receiving a red car or silver necklace and after imagining it, it showed up in the most unexpected way.

Not to spoil it but she gets $30,000 out of no where. This video is titled Allowing Money To Flow In Unusual Ways, Abraham Hicks, 2004

Are there times when the law of attraction has worked really well for you?

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  1. T Post author

    Receiving A Rose Law Of Attraction Manifestation
    I had never been given a rose (I had been given other flowers like carnations, but never a rose). I decided I would like to receive a rose. I imagined someone handing me one red rose, it was a very satisfying vision. I imagined this all week. Then when I was out with my friend at the mall someone working at one of the stores walked up to us and asked “Excuse me, would you two like a rose?”, as the store was handing them out. It was magical, yet so wonderfully real at the same time. Of course we took them and I had received my rose! Only it was so much better than I had imagined because it was a rose constructed of dyed feathers, so it would never wilt and I’d be able to keep it as a memento for the rest of my life.

  2. I’ve tried to watch quite a few of your videos and they are all either private or removed…is there a problem with the site or do I have to join somewhere?
    I really enjoy the writing and would enjoy seeing the video’s even more.
    Thanks for any help or info you can give me

    • Lenore Post author

      I found a new video of the old video, it seems to be working now. Thanks Liz

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