Top 10 Reasons To Juice

Why juice? It’s a lot of work, picking up all those veggies, cleaning them off and then cleaning the juicer at the end of it all. But there are a lot of benefits… most people who juice are looking for a way to improve health and quality of life.

Many of us have heard stories or read books from people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer or other ailments and have recovered with the help of juicing.

The top 10 reasons to juice

10. Juicing is good for your digestive system, it gives your digestive system a rest because the fiber is removed from the food, so your body doesn’t have to burn energy for digestion. Number 10 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.

9. Juicing can help detoxify your body.

8. Keeps you hydrated. Many vegetables that are juiced are high in water and the right balance of electrolytes, especially celery juice which helps hydrate you, especially after a workout. Number 8 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.

7. Weight loss. Juicing contains only natural sugars, so it is usually low in calories and helps you lose weight. Number 7 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.

6. More energy! Juicing makes you feel great and gives you more energy. Number 6 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.


5. Juicing can boost your immune system and help your body fight infections. Number 5 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.

4. Enzymes. Juicing provides a right source of enzymes. Number 4 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.

3. Get your 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Juicing allows you to consume a much larger amount of fruits and vegetables than could be eaten. Number 3 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.

2. Quick absorption. Juicing makes the nutrition in fruits and vegetables easy for the body to absorb as there is hardly any digestion required and this nutrition gets to you fast. Number 2 on the top 10 reasons to juice list.

1. The delivery of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals in a form the body can use up right away to feed the cells and nourish the whole body.

Note: The best way to juice is to do it in moderation with a healthy balanced diet. Treat juices as a healthy addition to the diet and not as a food to consume solely as a “juice cleanse”. Evidence on the health benefits of extreme juicing are not clear so for the benefits without the risks consume juices as a balanced addition to a healthy diet. Balance and moderation are key.

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