Phenibut vs Picamilon, Review Strongest Sleep Supplement

Both Phenibut and Picamilon are excellent supplements for sleep and anxiety. One supplement stands out as being the most powerful for sleep: the GABA Agonist Nootropic Phenibut. When used properly, at the correct dose and with a good quality Phenibut it can produce miracles for sleep and anxiety. Learn what Phenibut and Picamilon are, how they work (they are two of the only Gaba supplements to cross the blood-brain-barrier), the conditions they can help with and how to take them so they work long term for you.

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What Is Phenibut and How Does It Work

Phenibut is a long-acting supplement that works very differently than the normal GABA supplements sold that are only GABA and do not cross the blood-brain barrier. You probably had high hopes for these supplements to help ease your insomnia or anxiety but did not notice much improvement. The magic of Phenibut is that it is a GABA molecule attached to a phenyl ring. Once in the bloodstream the phenyl ring allows the molecule to cross the blood-brain barrier and then the GABA can act on the brain. The GABA binds with GABA receptors where it has a relaxing effect.

Phenibut has a half life of about 5.5 hours but it’s effects last in the system 30 hours of more.

It was first discovered in the 1960s in Russia and is currently a prescription medication in that country. It is available over the counter in the USA, Canada and the UK.

What Is Picamilon and How Does It Work

Picamilon Chemical Structure


Picamilon is a GABA molecule bound with Niacin. This allows Picamilon to cross the blood-brain barrier and once it is in the brain the Niacin and GABA cleave from each other and the GABA can act on the GABA receptors to cause relaxation. Picamilon kicks in quickly (in as little as 30 minutes) and has a half life of 1-2 hours so it’s out of your system within a few hours.

Live in the US, buy Phenibut. Live In Canada, Buy Picamilon or Phenibut

If you live in the US you can purchase US made Phenibut. If you live in Canada you’re lucky that you have the option of Buying Picamilon or Phenibut as both are currently allowed to be sold as dietary supplements and shipped across the border. Picamilon can be purchased from Australia or the UK (both of which I believe are originally made in China) or you may be able to buy Picamilon made in Russia but not from the US anymore as the FDA has ruled that it no longer qualifies as a dietary ingredient thus cannot be sold as a supplement.

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Phenibut Benefits

  • feelings of relaxation
  • hypnotic effects, helping you to fall asleep and having a deeper more restful sleep
  • reduced anxiety including social anxiety
  • reduced depression and a boost in mood
  • congnitive enhancer for memory, concentration and attention
  • at high doses it may cause a feeling of euphoria
  • reduces stress

What Phenibut May Help

  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • social anxiety
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • withdrawal symptoms for alcohol

Picamilon Benefits

  • anti-anxiety
  • stress relief
  • better circulation in the brain (the Niacin increases blood flow)
  • helps short and long term memory, learning and the ability to focus

What Picamilon May Help

  • anxiety
  • learning
  • may help after stroke

Please note Phenibut and Picamilon do not treat conditions (except in Russia where they are prescription medications) but should be seen as health supplements.

Proper Way To Use Phenibut and Picamilon, Dosing and Cyclical Use

Phenibut can be taken starting at a low dose of 300mg-500mg and titrating up until the desired effect is achieved. It is not recommended to go above 1000mg for a single dose or 2000mg total for the day. However I’d recommend not taking Phenibut more than once a day (and you don’t need to as long as you haven’t built up too much tolerance). Also don’t get into doses higher than 1000mg as Phenibut can suppress respiration during sleep as can all CNS depressants.

For sleep take Phenibut 1 hour before bed (some say it takes even longer to kick in fully, maybe 1.5 to 2 hours. Experiment.).

For social anxiety take your dose of Phenibut at least 1.5 hours before going out.

At low doses effects Phenibut can be mildly stimulating or cause a bit of wakefulness. I also find that at doses over 1000mg it causes more energy and wakefulness.

bulk phenibut and picamilon capsule machineTo get your bulk powders into pill form I recommend using a capsule machine.  (Phenibut HCL is very acidic and nasty if you take it dissolved in water, a little better dissolved in Orange juice, but the best in pill form).

Picamilon can be taken at 20, 50, 100, 200mg (start lower) several times throughout the day for anxiety or 50-100mg at bedtime but no higher at bedtime or it will energize you. It tastes fine to have in water for bulk powder.

Cyclical Use. I’d also recommend not taking Phenibut more than two days a week or even less if you can get away with it to prevent building up tolerance. If you take it too often it looses it’s effect so you have to take higher and higher amounts to get the same result. Picamilon is not nearly as long acting or strong as Phenibut so it will not have the dramatic withdrawal you could get from taking large doses of Phenibut and then stopping. However don’t take Picamilon more than 2-3 days a week because it will lose its effectiveness. Some recommend not taking it longer than 1-3 months because it’s meant to be used short term.

Side Effects and Withdrawal

Phenbut and Picamilon don’t have many side effects and are generally well tolerated. However any CNS depressant can slow breathing so they shouldn’t be taken with benzodiazepines, alcohol or other CNS depressants.

If you take high doses of Phenibut very often and for some time straight and then stop suddenly you may experience withdrawal which is mostly increased anxiety. Don’t panic if you’re taking large amounts now, you can always taper down slowly (for example lower dose 100mg per 1-2 weeks) and you shouldn’t have too many withdrawal effects. Picamilon could theoretically cause this to upon sudden stoppage but to a lesser extent.

To Buy Phenibut HCL or FAA?

There are two types of Phenibut you can buy. There’s Phenibut FAA (free amino acid) and HCL (whch is a salt). The most commonly available form is Phenibut HCL and it is easily dissolved in water, is more acidic and contains less Phenibut per gram than FAA. Phenibut FAA is more neutral and doesn’t dissolve readily. Phenibut HCL requires a higher dose for the same effects but is cheaper and will suit most people but it’s really a personal preference.

Buying Phenibut vs Picamilon, Review Strongest Sleep Supplement

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