Best Green Superfood Powder, Why Take Green Drinks

Green Superfood formulas and green drinks

Wheatgrass Juice

Certain ingredients detoxify, others nourish providing wholefood vitamins and minerals, green drinks as a whole alkalize the body

offer a way to consume nutrient dense, phytochemical and enzyme rich fruits and veggies in a already prepared form.


Best & Most popular Green Superfood Powders

Greens+ is Canadian made and a really good brand (and good tasting).

Greenfoods can do several things depending on the ingredients.

Benefits of Green Superfoods and Green Drinks best green superfood powder brands

Alkalize The Body, Nourish With Plant Based Minerals and Detoxify

  • Green drinks are nutrient rich and nourish the body with plant based vitamins and minerals which help build up the body’s mineral stores. Foods like broccoli, spinach and spirulina provides alkaline minerals the body needs to excrete toxins
  • prevents acidosis and are alkaline forming. They are a convenient way to get more alkaline-forming, nutrient dense foods into the diet.
  • Green superfoods are in general, more easily absorbed and used by the body than synthetic vitamins and minerals. The body is adapted to use this natural form of vitamins and minerals
  • Certain formulations are enzyme rich and full of antioxidants unlike overly-processed food which are so commonly available such as white bread
  • These will not produce a healing crisis especially when consumed in recommended amountsgreen superfood brands
  • because Green Superfood drinks are complete foods they may contain beneficial ingredients that have yet to be discovered by science, hence would not be contained in a multivitamin or other supplements.
  • Probiotics may be added to improve gut flora
  • berries are also an excellent addition to these formulas

Some ingredients detoxify more than others

Finally, some ingredients primarily detoxify, that is they take toxins that are stored in the body (in neutral form) and cause them to return to active  acidic form re-circulating before being eliminated.  If this is done too quickly the body can become overloaded with toxins that cannot be eliminated and get a “healing crisis”.  Ingredients that may do this are certain herbals (dandelion, milk thistle etc.)  and grasses such as wheatgrass. It may be wise to start gradually and increase slowly. Also don’t expect a magic bullet or miracle food, but know you are doing your body good and giving it what it need to perform optimally.

 Common Green Superfood Ingredients

  • spinach, broccoli, kale, carrot
  • chlorella, spirulina, kelp, sea vegetables
  • wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa
  • green tea extract, grape seed extract
  • probiotic cultures
  • enzymes
  • sprouts (quinoa, lentil, amaranth, buckwheat, broccoli)
  • (fiber & other ingredients) apple, rice bran
  • some contain herbs or other adaptogens

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