Alkaline Diet, This Model Applies To All Diseases. Part 1

Alkaline Diet, Dr. Jentschura. What Deteriorate Our Health and Beauty?

Dr. Peter Jentchura is a German chemist who has done quite a bit of research surrounding the body’s acid and base balance and it’s effect on our health including disease creation and mineral deficiencies.

According to Dr. Jentchura, excess acid and toxins accumulate in our bodies due to modern lifestyles. These acids and toxins in higher amounts over time deteriorate our health and beauty.

The following is a list of food sources and the acids they produce:alkaline-diet-acid-base-balance

Meat and meat productsUric Acid
Pork and eggsSulphuric and nitric acid
Sweets, sugar, white flour productsAcetuc acid
Artificial SweetenersFormic Acid
Soft DrinksPhosphoric acid
Coffee, black tea, red wineTannic Acid
Pain RelieversAcetylsalicyclic acid
Physical overexertionLactic acid
Stress, angerHydrochloric acid
Lack of exerciseCarbonic acid

Eating foods that create these acids and that are also lower in vitamins and minerals is one of the problems of our modern society creating the accumulation of acids and toxins.

Once the ph drops, the functions of providing cells with oxygen and eliminating toxins are impaired. this is when acids, toxins and other toxic substances begin to build up in the body. The acid-base regulation is the basis for all metabolic processes in the body (eg: hormones, enzymes and our immune system) and these systems cannot function properly in an overly acidic environment.


The body maintains a balance of acid-base

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