This is a resource page that you can always come to for tools with your health and website creating needs. Enjoy!

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Mark Romero offers healing music to bring things into harmony, peace and balance. His music was studies by a former NASA scientist and found to have some very unique and beneficial properties. He also offers online teleconcerts. Bonus MP3 download page (VIP MP3 download page)

mark romero music mark romero music free download


Binaural Beats Music. This site offers Binaural Beats meditation music, including a free binaural beat download. Free MP3 binaural beat download (requires sign-up)

deep meditation binural free download

Binaural Beats Music






Brainsync Meditation Music. This company offers meditation music with alpha waves, theta waves and delta waves as well as they have certain guided meditation pieces as well as specific music to different problems.

Alkaline Diet and Juicing

Dr. Jentschura Products . Dr. Jentschura is a German chemist who has developed products and programs for treatment of disease and health conditions including bath products to remove acids and toxins. His work is based around the idea of Alkaline Living.


The Tapping Solution offers 20 different tapping videos from the Tapping World Summit which happens every year.