Mark Romero Music Healing Free Downloads

Mark Romero creates healing music that has been scientifically studies and shown to positively influence the body and mind, and counteract negative influences in the environment such as EMFs and negative beliefs. Here are some Mark Romero Free Downloads and resources. There were more but a few expired. Will post new ones as they come up.

Ultimate Prosperity

Bonus MP3 download page (VIP MP3 download page)

*NEW* Free Mark Romero Unlimited Prosperity Teleconference

Muscle Testing Page

Mark Romero is now offering some freebies related to Ultimate Prosperity and his Environmental music.

Enjoy :)

Mark Romero Music

Mark Romero Music

This MP3 is now available Awake and Empowered MP3 $1.49 Not Free but worth noting

If there are any problems with the links please let me know and I’ll try and sort it out.

Sleep Better Now! Here is a special page Mark Romero has set up for his Sleep Program