List of Best Spirulina Brands, Check Before Purchasing Powder and Tablets

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Spirulina is an algae that when taken as a supplement is an excellent

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detoxifier, is full of minerals, has a high chlorophyll content, is a source of vegetarian protein, (has a higher protein content than red meat: spirulina is ~60% protein  vs ~22% for red meat) containing all essential amino acids and is a superior source of protein than legumes .

Some of the Best Rated Spirulina Brands (Tablet, Capsule and Spirulina Powder) are

Medicinal Use of Spirulina :

  • anemia
  • cancer
  • high cholesterol
  • blood pressure
  • allergies
  • detoxification
  • immune support
  • radiation poisoning
  • candida – Spirulina encourages growth of healthy gut bacteria
  • vegetarian protein source

Recommended does, start at 3-5g/day. This can be taken in powder,  spirulina tablets or capsules. Increase slowly as it is a potent detoxify-er.

Side Effects: None known. Some noted contraindications include seafood or iodine allergies,  hyperthyroidism.

One difference between chlorella and spirulina, is that chlorella can be used to detoxify mercury. Below is  what look for when purchasing a Spirulina supplement.

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Check 3 Things First! Before purchasing a good quality Spirulina

1. Some good options for the best Spirulina brands and supplements are cold-pressed, raw or organic. Some of the best spirulina tablets can be made without heating, this will be labeled cold pressed.

2. Check to make sure the source is clean and free of pollutants. Some of the best spirulina is grown in the USA (hawaii), there are a few other countries that grow spirulina such as Mexico,  China, Taiwan, India and Thailand.  Spirulina  supplements usually contain a label that certifies that the spirulina is free of heavy metals and has been tested (similar to fish oils which have a label that says “tested 100% heavy metal free” or similar). Certified Organic Spirulina will be free of other pollutants as well and will say this on the label. As for radiation, often supplement companies will have recent testing reports on their website stating that the product is 100% radiation contamination free and location information of the growing sites (showing whether it is in a prestine area). This high quality Spirulina, free from contaminants is readily available to people in Canada and the United States with a little investigating.

3. Check that the Spirulina is in a container or package that’s prevents light from reaching the algae to ensure freshness. This goes for  both Chlorella and Spirulina. Once you purchase a good Spirulina supplement it can last you many months or more if it is stored properly. If you purchase Spirulina in bulk a good option is to ensure larger amount comes in smaller packages, so only one package is opened for consumption, while the rest remains sealed and fresh. Store it in a cool place. It can even be stored in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness.

Spirulina is a supplement that is rich in vitamins, minerals, detoxifying chlorophyll and up to 70% vegetarian protein. With the deficiency in the diet of many people in Canada and the United States, supplementing with the best Spirulina brands in powder, capsules or tablets is an excellent whole food option that could be a major health advantage.

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