List of Best Brands of Chlorella and Spirulina Together

best brands chlorella and spirulina

Chlorella and Spirulina are two superfoods that make sense to take together in the best brands of Chlorella and Spirulina together. They are strongly alkalizing and are packed with chlorophyll, nutrients, protein, iron and vitamin B-12 which are very important supplements for vegetarian diets.

 Some of the Best Brands of Chlorella and Spirulina Together arebest brands chlorella and spirulina together

What’s So Good About Chlorella and Spirulina?

best brands chlorella and spirulina

A Summary Of Spirulina

  • a micro-algae high in protein
  • contains concentrations of nutrients unlike any single grain, herb or plant
  • contains B-12 needed for vegetarians
  • contains iron
  • contains RNA and DNA which protect against ultraviolet radiation
  • contains GLA, chlorophyll
  • may lower cholesterol and blood pressure and helps reduce muscle soreness after exercise
  • it helps curb the appetite and strengthen the immune system ¹

A Summary Of Chlorella

  • contains huge mount of chlorophyll which cleanse the bloodstream
  • contains RNA and DNA
  • about 60% protein
  • contains all B vitamins including B-12
  • contains rare trace minerals
  • binds with heavy metals removing from the body ²

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Taking one of the best brands of Chlorella and Spirulina together just makes sense. They are two of the healthiest green superfoods available on the market and will help nutritionally support a vegetarian diet, alkalize the body, cleanse the body with chlorophyll and Chlorella’s ability to bind with heavy metals. Having a raw source of broken cell-wall Chlorella and Spirulina together is a great addition to any diet.


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