List of Free EFT Tapping Scripts and MP3s

Here’s a list of free EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Scripts, MP3s and other Tapping Resources

This site has a wealth of different EFT Tapping videos and  you can get a free 60 page manual all about EFT.

Here are some tapping videos associated with The Tapping Solution. For most of these, sign-up is required to get the free EFT tapping scripts and MP3s. The Tapping Solution offers 20 different tapping videos at the tapping world summit which happens every year The Tapping Solution or here’s a tapping video for the Tapping World Summit with Nick Ortner about how the Emotional Freedom Technique actually rewires the brain Nick Ortner

You can receive a free EFT video with Kris Carr. What’s holding you back? How to Eliminate Your Biggest Fears

How To Eliminate Your Biggest Fears

This is a EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) video Are You Running On Adrenaline, With Cheryl Richardson

Are You Running On Adrenaline?


If you go on to this page and sign up for Carol Look’s Newsletter she’ll send you a free Emotional Freedom Technique tapping E-book

Carol Look, EFT E-book


There some Free EFT Tapping Scripts, MP3s and Resources that should keep you busy tapping!


More resources found on the resource page.