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The 1001 and 1002 Awesome Things…

#1001 Having Someone Jump Over You. This is fun and will make you happy! It’s fun for both the jumper and person being jumped over.. more so for the person being jumped over. Make sure to find someone with a decent jump!   #1002 Biker Dogs (Dogs Who Ride on the back of Motorbikes). YesRead More »

1000 Awesome Things

I ran into this book at chapters a while back called 1000 Awesome Things, and it made me smile. Here’s a few that are really good #955 Sneezing three or more times in a row It just feels good. Plus its funny to watch.   #467 Guilty pleasure songs Ahh Toto, how I enjoy thatRead More »

Adorable Pet Lamb

This is so cute! It’s a video of the adorable pet lamb named Bea. I first saw this adorable lamb video on The Ellen DeGeneres. Such a happy little thing. I love it!

Amazing You Tube Video Clips

This is a video of the luckiest people in the world… well, I wouldn’t necessarily call them the luckiest, as they got REALLY REALLY close to getting in trouble, perhaps it is more accurately titled the closest close calls in the world. Either way, its amazing they made it out ok. I especially love theRead More »