Carrot Celery and Beet Juice Benefits (Juicing Vegetables)

carrot celery beet juice benefits

Benefits of Vegetable Juices, Carrot Celery and Beet Juice

Carrot juice can be used as a base ingredient for most juices as it has a sweet and mild flavor and is safe to be consumed in large amounts. It is high in beta-carotene so at worst people may get an orange tinge to their skin if consuming large amounts for a long period of time. It is beneficial for the skin, lungs, liver and digestive tract. It is a blood cleaner. It has a alkalizing effect on the body.

carrot cellery beet juice benefits

Apple, beet, carrot , celery juice

Beet Root juice is good for people with anemia and can help prevent and fight cancer. Usually just a 1/2 or one beet is added to carrot celery and beet juice as it is very potent.

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Celery juice is a good re-hydration drink for athletes because of it’s levels of organic sodium. It is highly alkalizing for the body. The plant hormones and essential oils in celery (giving it it’s characteristics aroma) help regulate the nervous system and are calming. It has anti-inflammatory effects and lowers blood pressure, yet amazingly it won’t lower blood pressure which is already low. Finally, it is a powerful eliminator of toxins from the body.

carrot celery and beet juice benefits

Parsley juice is a diuretic and powerful stimulant… so should not be consumed at night. It is good for people who have migraines, high blood pressure, eye disorders or anemia.

Cucumber juice is a tonic for the skin, hair and nails.

Snow or Sugar Snap Peas. Pea juice is apparently good for people with Celiac Disease as it seems to help mend places the intestinal membrane that have been damaged by gluten, thus allowing the intestines to reabsorb food properly.

Another good vegetable to juice is sugar snap peas. It produces a juice with a mild taste. Carrot, celery and beet juice is one of the best vegetable juice combinations, both for taste and for health. It’s good to mix it up to prevent boredom and consume a wider variety of vegetable and fruit juices. Other ingredients to explore juicing:  Tomato, cilantro, mint, spinach, watercress, bell pepper… or juicing fruits such as fresh papaya juice or  fresh blueberry juice.

Note: The best way to juice is to do it in moderation with a healthy balanced diet. Treat juices as a healthy addition to the diet and not as a food to consume solely as a “juice cleanse”. Balance and moderation are key.  Evidence on the health benefits of extreme juicing are not clear so for the benefits without the risks maintain juices as a balanced addition to a healthy diet.