List of Best Chlorella Brands, Review 3 Things First before Purchasing

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Chlorella is a supplement whose health benefits include very effective detoxification, binding and removing mercury, it has a high chlorophyll content and is a complete vegetarian protein. Included is a list of the best Chlorella brands, 3 things to look for when finding a Chlorella to purchase, health benefits, indications, recommended dosage and potential side effects.
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Check 3 Things First! Before purchasing a good quality Chlorella

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The Best Chlorella Brands will have the following

1. Ensure the Chlorella is treated so that it is broken cell.

The best chlorella brands will usually be treated to be broken cell-wall. This makes it so that the vitamins can be absorbed properly and it can be digested easily. If the plant’s cell is not broken the Chlorella will not be digested very chlorella brands united states, top chlorella brands

2. Check to make sure the source is clean and free of pollutants.

Chlorella is so widely consumed in Japan that the government had to create strict standards on heavy metals and bacterial content in Japanese Chlorella. Thus Chlorella produced in Japan usually some of the best which is free from contaminants and readily available to people in Canada and the United States.  Some of the best chlorella brands are produced away from cities and in prestine locations free from contaminants, radiation etc. They are also tested regularly to be guaranteed free from radiation, pollutants, heavy metals etc (for example yaeyama has these regular testing results on the company’s website, others may put it on the packaging).

3. Check is that the Chlorella is in a container or package that’s prevents light from reaching the algae to ensure freshness.

Once you purchase a good Chlorella supplement it can last you many months or more if it is stored properly. If you purchase Chlorella in bulk a good option is to ensure larger amount comes in smaller packages, so only one package is opened for consumption, while the rest remains sealed and fresh. Store it in a cool place. It can even be stored in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness. Bulk Chlorella It also can be a bit pricey depending upon where you buy it so it’s a good idea to purchase Chlorella online in bulk for some savings. Kyoto Chlorella is one bulk brand of Chlorella I’ve bought and although it is cheap, the taste is not as good as other chlorellas. Sun chlorella is also popular.  You’ll pay far less than purchasing a monthly supply at the health food store. top chlorella brands united states, best chlorella brands

Chlorella Health Benefits

  • high in iron
  • detoxifies heavy metals
  • contains more than 20 vitamins & minerals
  • rich source of amino acids
  • rich in chlorophyll

Chlorella Indications (conditions that may benefit)

  • athletic support
  • bad breath
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • skin conditions (rashes etc)
  • gout
  • constipation
  • detoxification
  • fatigue

Side effects, high amounts may result in diarrhea. Recommended daily dose: start at 1000-3000mg Chlorella is a supplement that is rich in vitamins, minerals, detoxifying chlorophyll and a complete vegetarian protein. With the deficiency in the diet of many people in Canada and the United States, supplementing with Chlorella could prove a major health advantage. The best chlorella brands ensure the Chlorella is grown in a pristine location, free from contaminants and treated to be broken cell wall.